Between processing techniques in fiberglass of our company, traditional RTM has always had great importance on our positioning in the GRP market.

Thanks to well-established specialization of our technicians and experienced consultants ranging from railways business to luxury automotive,Bioecoplastic srl could be considered today a reference in RTM procedure for composite material.


Production of models and molds with epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resin

First step for serial production of GRP parts is creating a life-size model of the part, which could be realized with different kind of material (high density polyurethane, wood, epoxy paste, etc) from which will be possible build a mold which may be realized in epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester resin depending on use. Our company, since our birth, produces models and molds of composite materials for any kind of part and for any kind of process. Starting from a drawing or from 3D model provided by the customer in partnership with a modelling and design studio we are able to follow every single detail of a project from its design to its prototyping up to the serial production.


Hand lay-up process

This process is achieved by impregnation with rollers, brushes and spatulas of glass mats with the previously accelerated and catalyzed resin. This process is carried out on open molds and it allows the realization of particular large and even very complex shapes.
Our company is specialized in this kind of process for composite materials. We are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers both in terms of the finished product quality both in terms of quantities of processed products.


Traditional RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding)

In this process the glass mat is laid out on the dry mold which will be closed with a counter mold. Subsequently a defined quantity of resin is injected with pneumatic pump while the closed mold is under a low pressure.
This kind of process allows to have products with constant and defined thickness.


Gelcoat and paint coating

Based on customer’s need a fiberglass product could be made with rough surface to be subsequently painted or it can be realized, with specific treatment of the mold and with bodywork operation on the product, with polished surface. The company,  always focused to the possible needs of the market, since time is equipped to provide our customers fiberglass product with a gelcoat finishing or with paint finishing